Grant J Butler

So, Let's Try This "Blogging" Thing Again...

2 min

Over the years, I've tried blogging a number of times, but it's never really stuck. While I may start strong, I would always eventaully fall off with posting things to the blog. Eventually, my personal site just turned into a landing page with links out to other places where I'm active or would post things.

But now I'm going to give it another shot. I've worked on a couple of different projects recently where I've thought to myself "you know, no one's really talked about building something like this. I should write about it." I've also got a number of projects planned where I could see there being some interesting topics to write about. But my current website doesn't really allow for writing things. So I rebuilt it.

The new site is built using John Sundell's Publish. It's a static site generator built with Swift that can (among other things) process Markdown files to build a website consiting of a bunch of HTML files. Pretty much par for the course if you're used to other static site generators like Jekyll or Hugo.

The nice thing about Publish being written in Swift is that I know Swift, which means I can easily extend it if I need to. I've already done a number of custom things to build this website and make the experience of developing the site a little bit nicer. Some of those things, I plan to write about here and even potentially open source for others to use.

So, that's that. Though I have several more things I want to do with this website, it's now in a state where I can start writing things, so here's a first post to kick it off. I've got a lot of topic ideas to write about, so I'm hoping to stick with this to be able to cover all of those topics. We'll see how well I can do.